Condition for long term car rental

The rental is individual company
  • The rental must register to be establish company and must operate related activities with business not less than 3 years.
  • The funds to register a lot of 3,000,000 THB.
  • Sending the financial budget every year.
Document for element to make a contract
  • Certificate to register for company
  • Memorandum of association
  • Certificate of shareholder register
  • Household registration and identity card of authorized to sign
characteristics for rental car: long term and short term 
  • For long term we presented by temporary red license plate for on unregistered new car start to lease at 2 , 3 , and 5 years
  • For short term we presented by the car in our company. Start to lease at 3 month to 1 year
  1. Just make a contract rent 
  2. Pay just the rent and add the fuel / oil
  3. Make the contract within7 days, Send the car within 30 days
  4. Pay errest money on contracts day for the rent one month / one car
  5. To Deliver & Take back
    To deliver the distance more than 300 kms. The rental must pay 1,500 THB / one car per once
    To take back the distance more than 300 kms. The rental must pay 1500 THB / one car per once.

  1. Take car and repair the car rent for all the rental time.
  2. The company to keep on tax , act , fist insurance for all the rental time
  3. Long rental case if the car has accident. The company has the constant car for use
  4. For short rental case not have the instant car
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