9.09.2009  Eating and Drinking in the Car

The same thing applies to eating and drinking – they shouldn’t be done while driving. Most cars these days come with cup holders, it’s true, but there’s nothing that says you have to use them while driving. And eating is even worse than drinking. In no other countries do people eat in their cars at anywhere near the same rates as Americans. Americans always seem to be in a hurry, and doing two things at once, like eating and driving. This trend is a real car safety hazard. Drive through lanes may be handy if you’re only feeding your kids in the back seat, but if you’re going to be eating you should either get out of your car to eat, or eat while the car is parked and then resume your driving. You may be thinking this sounds like overkill, but it’s not. Odds are you probably won’t have a wreck while sipping on a soft drink or eating a hamburger, but you’ve greatly increased your chances of it happening. Your odds of not having a collision are much greater if you don’t do these things. Ask yourself this: what would it mean for car safety if everyone on the road were eating a sloppy double cheeseburger while driving? Do you think car safety would go up, or go down? It’s a silly question I know, but when you think about it that way it becomes clear just what safety risks eating and drinking in your car are. Fast food is sloppy and messy and often quite hot, and it can cause you to lose control if you drop it. Soft drinks are ice cold and can spill, having the same effect. Even without spills you just cannot control a vehicle as well with a drink or a burrito in one hand. It’s simply impossible. So get out of the fast-food-while-driving habit and you’ll be safer.
From http://www.safetyresource.org

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