20.08.2009  How to clean car interior ( part 1 )
Remove the floor mats. Vacuum the seats, and the carpet. Using the proper attachment, reach under the seats, around the pedals and the area between front seats and central console. Vacuum floor mats separately.

Use soft brush attachment to vacuum the dashboard and doors. Be careful not to damage knobs vents and sticking parts. Use the same attachment vacuuming the seats. Leather seats are very easy to damage, be careful no to scratch them with the vacuum hose

Cleaning fabric seats and door upholstery
There are number of upholstery cleaning agents available. Here I used a spray cleaner from Turtle Wax®. Simply spray evenly on the seat or door upholstery and rub vigorously. Then, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
If you don't have an upholstery cleaner, a laundry detergent will work as well. Mix some detergent with warm water. Dip a clean cloth into it, squeeze out well - you want barely moist cloth. Work harder on dirty areas. When you finished, dry out well with a clean, soft dry cloth.
Be careful with water inside the car - if the water gets into electrical components it may cause problems. Similarly, you don't want water to get inside your seats or under the carpet - it could cause corrosion, stains and mould smell.

Cleaning the carpet
You can clean the carpet the same way you cleaned the seats and upholstery.
Spray evenly with the carpet cleaner and rub vigorously. Then, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
The laundry detergent will work on the carpet as well.
Again, don't soak the carpet with water, it will cause mould smell and corrosion under the carpet. Dry it out as fast as you can.

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