7.01.2010  How to Drive a Car With an Automatic Transmission


1. StepsGet in the car and ensure the car is in "PARK." This is often marked with a "P".
2. Step on the brake pedal. Keeping your foot on the brake pedal, start the car.
3. With your foot still on the brake pedal, shift the gear lever into "DRIVE." This is often marked with a "D."
4. Release the parking brake.
5. Take your foot off the brake pedal. The car will start to move forward slowly.
6. Put your foot on the gas pedal.
7. Press the gas pedal slowly and the car will move forward faster.
8. To stop, take your foot off the gas pedal and press the brake pedal. When you wish to start again, press the gas pedal.
9. Park the car by pressing the brake pedal and placing gear shift on "P".



-  Familiarize yourself with the gear shifter. The automatic gear shifter will have P, R, N, D, 2 and 1. P is for park, R is for reverse,  N    is for neutral, D is for drive, 2 is for second  gear   and 1 is for first gear. Use 2 and 1 for bad weather conditions, such as snow. First and second gear will only allow the car to reach a certain speed and rpm.
-  Manually shift from "D" to "3", "2", or "L" to regulate speed safely (less braking) in adverse conditions (steep hills, heavy traffic, snow, ice, rain).
-  When you stop the car, don't floor it.
-  To move the car at low speeds, simply remove your foot from the brake when moving off. Use the brake to maintain a constant speed and the throttle to increase speed.


*  Warnings

-  Watch out for signs of drunk driving.
-  Watch out for speed limits.
- DON'T go past a red light
- Never slam on the gas pedal.
- Don't go too close to the rear of any car


Thank For  : http://www.wikihow.com/Drive-a-Car-With-an-Automatic-Transmission

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