29.10.2009  Driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand     
              Thailand is large country and good network of Highways throghtout the country.
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In Thailand the Road Signed followed international convention and both written in Thai and
English Language. The Most route of both North and South dual carraige Way.
             Driving during night time not recommended due to heavy Trucks Traffic. Driving on
the majors highways north-east or north of Thailand is exciting, the Environments is full with
nature and good atmosphere.
             Driving in Capital like Bangkok is little traffics and difficult using Express Ways is
must and even more convenience for you. Most Traffics in Bangkok are occured only during
prime hour like morning and evening.   
       In Thailand, you required to drive on the left hand side of the Road. Limited speed in
cities and towns is 60 km/hr and 90-120 km/hr on the Highways. Wearing of seat belts is compulsory and drink driving laws apply. All insurance is invalid if drivers exceed the legal alcohol limit.

            All drivers must hold a current, non-probationary license. The license may either be Thai, or from a renter's country of residence (with an English translation) or an international drivers permit. Licenses (and a valid passport) must be carried at all times when driving.
       Thailand use unleaded petrol, which is sold by the liter. Budget's vans use diesel. Both fuels are freely available throughout Thailand and prices generally range around 30 Baht per liter for them. Fuel stations are plentiful and most of the larger ones accept major international credit cards. In more remote locations cash will be required .   

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