29.10.2009  Automatic or manual transmission

It is much easier to drive a car with an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission offers more convenience, but it involves a more complicated device and breaks more often. The repair of an automatic transmission tends to be quite expensive. When you buy a used car, the automatic transmission is one of the important parts to check .
Cars with manual transmission are less expensive. A manual transmission is often more reliable than an automatic. Experienced drivers of manual transmissions will tell you they like how it allows the driver to feel "closer" to the car. It's just more fun! However, it is more hassle to drive a car with manual transmission, especially in a stop-and-go traffic. It also could be challenging to handle for a beginner. But don't be scared, it's not as difficult as it seems - many learn it pretty quickly. You also can save on gas - cars with manual transmission are more economical. A manual transmission gives you more control over gear shifting, and therefore more possibilities for adopting fuel-efficient drive style.

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